Family law Pro Se Filer- hazards of Divorce


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It is universal that every country allows you to present your case in court thus protecting one’s right. However if the case is serious one would never think of representing oneself alone. It would be like putting the pigeon among the lions. Let us now see that if one is filing pro SE, one must think of the risks involved which could damage one’s case.

Let us take up a case of divorce:

Forms, procedures and Deadlines- What do they mean?Divorce-Image

An attorney’s job is to know when and what forms need to be filled at the time of divorce. Once the date is given for a hearing the court will go ahead and decide or set deadlines or ultimatums for proceedings. A case can be dismissed if one fails to appear or miss a deadline. Besides the deadline certain forms must be submitted to the court. As judge of every country has his or her own method having an attorney can help as they will know which documents need to be filled so as to save time and energy.

Simple Divorces- What does it mean?DL-4

In as simple form of divorce for example filing for divorces pro se is easy. If a couple who are married for one year apply for a divorce, provided they have no children or property the case can be handled by themselves and there is no need for any attorney. Every court has a clerk’s office that looks into these cases so that no time is wasted. However the same rules apply like meeting the deadline or filling the right form correctly.

Child Support. What are the difficulties?kidshare-3

In a marriage where children are involved it is advised never to present the case by oneself. When children are involved in a divorce case, it will be mandatory for one parent to pay up as maintenance for the child support. Besides this there will be other rules such as visiting hours, health insurance and other small necessities.

Assessing the financial requirement by the child for support, it is very necessary to have an attorney who will investigate to find about details about the finances so that a fair case can be presented. If one does want to go ahead in a divorce case pro se then they must be prepared for any drawbacks as the opposite side is being represented by a counsel or find a good divorce preparer such as the Tampa Divorce Center

There are many issues that can arise in a divorce case and so a family attorney can always be of a great help .As per the Ashby law there are parents who decide to work together in the interest of their child or children. So the best interest is kept in mind in favor of the child .It is during these difficult times that mediation and counseling do help to overcome such obstacles.

Parenting time is usually split up between parents so that each can spend as much time as possible with their child. In such cases the court will look into the parent’s past behavior who will then decide the time needed to be given.

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