Our Joyful Trip To Aspen With The Kids

Before I went to Aspen, Colorado with my children during the winter of 2015, I always perceived it as being a pretentious playground for millionaires which would have little room for visitors such as me and my children. However, upon arriving in Aspen, we quickly realized that it was very welcoming, dog-friendly and charming. But, our winter trip officially started once we landed in Aspen Airport. The airport itself consisted of various amenities that gave me and my children the opportunity to grab something from our favorite fast food restaurants as we waiting for our taxi to arrive. Once the taxi came, we went directly to Little Nell hotel.

The reason why I choose this as our sleep-in spot was the fact that it was the only hotel that had ski in and ski out access to Ajax Mountain, as well as the fact that it was located in the heart of downtown and was also within close proximity of Aspen Highland which provided incredible views and was defined as being an ideal place for easy to expert skiers.

Even though I was fairly confident in my skiing abilities, my children themselves were beginners, so booking a hotel within close proximity of Aspen Highlands was a no brainer. Once we settled in, we looked up the transportation schedules and realized that various buses were available that could take you to several places. Also I should mention that we had purchased some habits gusti pas cher, prior to our trip.The first thing we did, was to refresh my children’s memory on the basics and safety procedures related to skiing on the slopes at the Buttermilk mountain. Then, once I felt that they were confident enough to go to Aspen Highlands and have some fun, we took a bus to get there. Even though we could have stayed at Buttermilk, I heard that Aspen Highlands had some of the most magnificent views of all the mountains and I wanted to make this trip as memorable and fun as possible. So once we were finished with the lessons we took another bus to Aspen Highlands. Upon arriving, I was positive that I made the right decision as I saw how my children faces lit up, upon seeing the magnificent views that it had to offer. We did some light skiing for approximately 2-3 hours and then we called it in for the day. Even though admittedly, I was more tired than my children, who were eager to come back to the same location the day after.

On our way back to the hotel, we decided to stop at the White House Tavern restaurant. Many online reviews proclaimed that they had some of the best sandwiches around, and I have to admit that, I agree. While I indulged in an “Honor Burger”, which was topped off with spicy slaw, white cheddar and fresh ground chuck with a side order of Dip Duo which was basically jalapeno queso, guacamole and warm tortilla chips. My children on the other hand, being the natural copy cats that they are, both got a crispy chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese, tomato, spicy slaw and house made sorta with a side order of jumbo shrimps. Once we finished our meal, we went back to the hotel, to kick back and enjoy some family oriented entertainment as we sipped on hot cocoa, planned our routine for the following day and let our affordable gusti suit dry near the fireplace.

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