Tips for Pro Se Filers While Dealing with Family Laws


Do you really need a lawyer?

If the other party has a lawyer and you are representing yourself in the case then it may be difficult for you to go without any lawyer because of the reasons of not having any law experience or skills for making your proceedings stronger. The judicial party can question you about the evidence, and limited help is provided to you. If it is not possible for you to represent a lawyer at least at the time of trial then you can try your luck by taking advice from a lawyer about your case.

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The Pro Se is a Latin word and the literal meaning of the Pro Se is that for any legal proceedings a candidate doesn’t have a lawyer to represent in his case. If a person doesn’t have a background from the law or doesn’t have any sufficient training in law then it can be very much complex and often inconsistencies may occur in your words. The form for Pro se Litigants can be made available to you in any country through the clerical division of a court. You can purchase the legal forms also from the respective law websites of those countries. As a petitioner, you have to comply with some of the family law rules for the court procedure along with the instructions to be followed. Some countries also provide some assistance programs and guidance on Pro Se Civil programs related to family matters.

Safety of Pro Se fillersbanner-family-law

If the Pro SE filers are concerned about the safety issue of their witness and themselves, then it should notify to the principal Registrar in their writing in accordance with the legal template at least 10-14 days prior to the attendance of the court.

If you are attempting to represent yourself in matters of your own family which can be divorce, child custody, paternity or any other issue then you should always stick to these points discussed as below:

Read Carefully

Read carefully and read everything that you get from the court and from the opposing side as well, starting from the papers you get from Clerical office while filing the case. You should know what is going on inside your case also keep the deadlines in mind.

Be ready with the papers

Paper cutout silhouette of a family split apart on a paper heart, divorce concept

Being ready with your paperwork and also keeping the copies of everything that goes into the hands of your opposition as well as the judge can be an added advantage.

Get On time

Always be on time in case of your proceedings.  You if don’t meet your deadlines that can be resulted in your defeat as well as your case. You can always ask the court about giving you more time for your writing as far as your case is concerned.

Be Clear

Don’t try to smuggle around the jargons of words, be as simple as possible. You don’t have to act like a professional lawyer every time. Be ready and be specific with all the facts and figures related to your case which is very important for your lawsuit.

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